Thursday, February 19, 2015


Winter is a wonderful time to work on poetry.  Here are several Poetry sites to use to analyze poetry and learn ab out Figurative Language.


Strategies to Read and Analyze Poetry

Using one of Emily Dickinson's most famous poems, students learn various strategies for appreciating poetry.

Poetic devices found in popular poems

Poetry Resources
Giggle Poetry

Reading Poetry Cloze Exercise

Poetry What it is What it isn’t PREZI

Reading Comprehension Poetry

Channel 4 Poetry
Create a Song Poem

Acrostic Poem

Diamantine Poem

Poetry Engine

Shape Poems

Read and Answer Questions about a Poem

Instant Poetry Forms

Figurative Language
Elements of Poetry

Figurative Language Videos

Literacy elements found in songs

Figurative Language in Movies and Commercials

Spelling City many activities

Teacher’s First Figurative Language Lesson

Eye on Idioms

Time for Writing Lesson and Activities

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