Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Baseball Season begins in March these Resources will bring the Sport into your Classroom

'Baseball' photo (c) 2008, Sean Winters - license:

It will not be long before Baseball season begins again.  Spring is less than 30 days away!  Here are some great sites, videos and songs to get you going with a baseball theme.

Baseball Almanac
Learn about the History of Baseball
This date in Baseball history
 Major League Baseball
Learn all about the teams
Fun Brain Math Baseball Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division (choose level of difficulty)
The Science of Baseball
Louisville Slugger Museum
Read Write Think Baseball Lesson Plans
SMART Exchange Baseball SMART Notebook Activities (need to register)
All Around the Baseball Field (the art of the game)
Baseball Economics
Promethean Planet Great Ideas for Teaching with Baseball
Baseball Math Classroom Game Scholastic

Casey at the Bat Disney Cartoon
James Earl Jones Casey at the Bat Poem
Take me out to the Ballgame
Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra Take me out to the Ballgame
John Foggerty Centerfield
Batter's Up Baseball
Multiplication and Addition
Graphical History of Baseball
Geometry Baseball Game
Baseball Batting Game Decimals

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