Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kids, Cooks and Books!

My Mom was a great cook, which always meant that cooking was a big part of my brother and sisters lives as we were growing up.  She loved to make bread with us and the other kids in the neighborhood.  One of my favorite memories was making Taffy after reading a book about Raggedy Ann and Andy!  This cooking thing stuck with me when I began to teach and as a first grade teacher it was just a great way to engage my kids in the books we were reading in class.  Today’s quest was to locate some great websites that could be used to cook with your kids in the classroom or over the summer!

How to Use Children's Literature and Cooking Activities to Teach Early Literacy Skills's-Literature-and-Cooking-Activities-to-Teach-Early-Literacy-Skills

Literacy Toolbox

Brown Bear, Brown Bear Pudding Style

Great Books for Combining Cooking and Literature

Simple Tips for Baking with Kids (Giant Oatmeal Cookies)

Cooking with Kids (Love this site even some theme ideas here!)

Making bread in a bag

Baking Bread with the Little Red Hen

Between the Lions, Food (Awesome)

Rachael Ray Kids

Recipes Kids Can Make Themselves,1-0,kids_can_make_themselves,FF.html

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