Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Multiple Choice Language Arts Sites to use with Classroom Performance System

CPS Websites
Noun Dunk- common and proper nouns (1-3)
Quia - Capitilazation and Punctuation Rags to Riches (1-3)
Virginia Standard of Learning (all grade levels)
Grade 6 Class Zone (6)
English Zone Upper Elementary on (many resources) (6-12)
Interactive Quizzes  (upper elem-12)
Pearson Prentice Hall (upper elem-12)
Word Power (upper elem-12)
Learning Vocabulary can be Fun vocabulary development  (6-12)
Reggie Loves to Rhyme (k-1) rhyming words
Snowman Builder compound words  ( 3-4)
Dino Hunter dictionary skills (3-4)
Environmental Rescue complete sentences
Treasure Behind the Mask schwa sound (5-6)
Future City classify words in a series (5-6)
Punctuation practice (1-2)
Special Names common and proper nouns (1-2)
Grammar Blast (2-5)
Sentence Clubhouse types of sentences (2)
Contractions (3)
Kidport variety of LA activities(k-6 no activities under 7)
Contraction Practice (3)
Animal Analogies (6-8)
Grammar Bytes many quizzes (6-12)
Parts of Speech (3-6)
Grammar Blast (2-5)
Mr. Anker's Tests
Interactive Web Sites Reading and Language Arts
FCAT Express

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